We’ve spent years perfecting our exclusive Intelligent Fabric technology to make your everyday close to perfect

Intelligent Fabric Technology

a Squeem Exclusive.


What is Squeem’s Intelligent Fabric?

A breakthrough fabric technology made of a unique mix of cotton and natural rubber fused into a thin, single layer, compressive fabric.

How it works?

It shapes your body into a perfect figure using the triple-filtered cotton lining for superior comfort. The 100% natural rubber exterior allows the garment to adapt to your body and physical beauty. The garments have internal flexible boning for additional spot control to create a homogeneous compression. Our versatile lingerie, made with the exclusive Intelligent Fabric technology, will help you lose inches from your waistline in seconds.

The Benefits of the intelligent fabric technology – Superior shaping results, Firms and flattens the stomach, Corrects posture, Alleviates abdominal and back pain (consult your physician), Improves your metabolism, Assists in weight loss (Individual results may vary).